What is Drink2Shrink?

#Drink2Shrink is an organic herb blend PLUS four additional edible plant extracts for added effectiveness. It is made of a special blend of high-quality, all-natural ingredients rich
in antioxidants hand-selected for their ability to bring the whole body back into balance so it can restore itself to its natural, healthy state.

For how long should I drink the formula?

You can drink the #Drink2Shrink Formula as long as you want. (It has NO Senna, which leaves a residue in the colon that could lead to health problems.) Many people enjoy drinking it every day with meals and snacks. Some drink it as needed to keep up their health and regularity and as a healing tonic for various ailments.

Does it contain caffeine?

No, the #Drink2Shrink Formula is naturally caffeine-free. That being said, the result of its cleansing effect causes many people to feel more energized.

How much should I drink?

To experience the health benefits, drink 8 ounces of #Drink2Shrink Formula two or three times a day. Drin2Shrink tastes great hot, warm, or when iced. In addition, it can be mixed with sweeteners, lemon, other natural flavoring, another tea, juice, or beverage of your choice.

How long will each packet last?

Each #Drink2Shrink packet makes a gallon (4lt) of tea, which is a one-week supply for one person.

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